Cornerstone Leadership

Building You Better

Cornerstone Leadership

The cornerstone is traditionally the first stone laid in a structure's foundation. It's the piece to which every other stone is laid in reference to.

So it is with leadership. An organization goes the way of its leader - the leader is the reference point for the direction of the organization. And if its leader is not leading him or herself well, neither will its people.

The point? It starts with self-leadership - building yourself better - and when the leader is leading themselves well, everything that matters improves. Trust, commitment, communication, performance, and impact.

Building You Better


Building Bridges:

Crossing the Chasm from Management to Leadership

This Keynote is About:

  • The differences between Managing and Leading your people and your organization

  • How to transition from Managing to Leading

What You Will Learn:

  1. How to identify your current situation and whether you are managing or leading your people and organization

  2. Avoiding the pitfalls of managing-only

  3. How to engage your people and empower them and how this produces better leadership

  4. What leadership looks like in day-to-day activities and operations