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Welcome to the Heroes In Training E-Gym, where you can find articles and workouts to help you build your best body ever. I’ve been working out since before I started kindergarten (not that it did me much good before puberty hit) and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Today I see lots of guys wander into the gym with absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Or worse, they think they don’t have time to get fit and so don’t exercise at all. What I want to do is show you that you can achieve the fitness goals you set for yourself through simple lifestyle changes.

Simple, but not easy. I won’t try to sell you on any get fit quick gimmicks or make crazy, clickbait promises. I’m not even going to claim to be a phenomenal athlete or bodybuilding champion, just waiting to share the “one weird secret” to fulfill your dreams. What I do offer you is sound advice I have learned from putting in a lot of hard work and making a lot of mistakes. I’m also going to offer you a different way of looking at fitness than you probably had before.

What I believe is that every one of us is capable of great things. Life distracts us and the worries of modern life keep us from discovering our real potential. But when we push ourselves through physical training, we find out what we are capable of. Working out to build a great physique is just part of the equation. The real benefits of living a fit lifestyle is the increased discipline, the focus and willpower we build at the same time we’re building our muscles. When we smash our fitness goals, we gain greater confidence.

As we begin to see what our bodies can do, and how much change a little hard work brings, we find the vision to accomplish more in other aspects of our lives. This is what I have found as I worked on my physique, and it is what I really want to share with you. You can build any life that you want. But it starts with building yourself.

To help you do that, I’ve created some free resources to help you get started – or continue to make progress – on your personal fitness journey. If you’re interested in building your best body ever, or even just in becoming more active, then I encourage you to check out these resources below.

The Hero Training Guide

Healthy Week Planner

The Lifting Weights Workbook

The Lifting Weights Guide is a companion booklet for my training manual, A Hero’s Guide to Lifting Weights, which you can find on Amazon by clicking the link below.

A Hero’s Guide to Lifting Weights

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