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We live and die by what we eat.

This is a simple and irrefutable fact, but it’s a fact that many people don’t stop to take into account. Nutrition is a vital part of our lives, and yet many people don’t know the first thing about it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know as much as I would like to on the subject, and I have been studying health and fitness for years.

The simple truth is that nutrition is complicated, and it varies from person to person. This complexity frightens a lot of people away from the subject. But I cannot overemphasize how important your health is. If you’re not healthy, you can’t do everything you were meant to do. You can’t take care of yourself and those around you. When you’re not operating at your full potential, you do yourself and the world a disservice. Yes, nutrition is a complicated subject, but there are resources available to help you understand it. Then, as you learn how your body works and what proper food can do for you, it’s up to you to make the most of it.

I firmly believe that anyone can live a healthy, happy life, and I believe that everyone should. My passion is to bring you the information that you need to make the right choices for your health, and live a life full of potential. Your physical wellbeing has such a profound impact on every other area of your life. I don’t claim to be the final authority where nutrition is concerned, as we never really stop learning more. But I do want to share what I have learned so far with you and help you start making healthy changes in your life today.

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