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Let’s face it: Hollywood doesn’t make them like it used to. That’s not to say that good movies aren’t still being made, or that old movies were never bad, but sometimes it really feels like Hollywood is out of touch with what audiences want. The emphasis in many modern films seems to be on creating protagonists who are either narcissists or nihilists. And while I enjoy a good antihero as much as anyone, few of these characters or the dark, “edgy” films they appear in offer much of an example for viewers to aspire toward. And viewers continue to reject these films.

As someone who believes in human goodness, and that the world can be a better place if we put in the work to make it so, I believe that the stories a society tells should either serve as examples or warnings to help us become better people. There is certainly a place for lighter viewing, but these films should at least be enjoyable to watch even if they don’t impart some sort of profound truth. What a film should not be is an excuse for existential wallowing, or a blatant tool for political ideology, and these are exactly the type of films Hollywood seems determined to make.

With that said, I’m here to offer some examples of what good movies should look like. These aren’t exclusively old movies; I’m not some cranky old man who misses the “good ol’ days”. But I will be presenting exclusively movies that I believe offer something meaningful for audiences who want to better themselves. And I don’t want you to think that I’ll just be focusing on high-brow, “artsy” films either. Instead, I’m referring to films as diverse as It’s a Wonderful Life, Iron Man, The Searchers, or Scaramouche. And, on occasion, I might touch on some movies you shouldn’t waste your time viewing.

So – if you’re someone who enjoys finding and watching great movies, or simply loves the art of filmmaking – make sure you check out all the resources we have below.

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