Hi, I’m samuel!

Writer, bodybuilder, and Hero In Training.

At 23 years old, Samuel Kennedy has been a fitness enthusiast for two decades. Inspired by heroes from Samson to Superman, and encouraged by a health-minded mom, he began learning calisthenics before entering kindergarten, and built his own yard gym when he was twelve. Always the skinny kid in school, Samuel has spent years building his muscles and becoming as strong as he could be. Along the way, he learned that strength and fitness are much harder to achieve – and to maintain – than one might think. Health can only be won through hard work and dedication, but Samuel believes that it is the key to a successful, fulfilled life. His mission is to inspire others to become fit, and to help their strength journey in any way he can. He believes that everyone can unlock their full potential, and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things – if they have the right tools.


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