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Hello there, and welcome to the Building You Better homepage. As a brand, we are dedicated to helping everyone we can become the best possible version of themselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Building You Better is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, about building a better world by becoming better people.

This website is built for people who want to better themselves and live their fullest lives possible, but don’t think they have enough time, or don’t know where to begin. If you are genuinely interested in leveling up your life, then I welcome you to join the movement. Whatever your goals are – whether its working out more efficiently, eating healthy, or reading more – Building You Better is here to help.

My name is Samuel Kennedy. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and fitness advocate on a journey to build the best version of myself possible. When I started this journey years ago, there were no resources readily available. The internet wasn’t like it is today, where you can hardly go two clicks without running into some health or personal development website.

And, by the way, Building You Better isn’t like those sites. I have a few products for sale, but I’m not going to make crazy promises or pressure you to buy from me. You see, I don’t want your money. I genuinely want you to succeed, and so this brand is everything I wish I had when I started on my journey.

For your convenience, this website is divided into specific categories. You can take a look at the main menu and find the particular area or areas that you need help in. For each section, you’ll find some free resources to download. Each area also has its own email list, so you only receive mail related to the topic that interests you – without any spam or irrelevant messages.

You can subscribe to one or two email lists or even all of them, depending on your preferences. The Building You Better brand is all about people, so I encourage you to reach out to me on social media, or even to contact me using the form below. Whatever steps you decide to take moving forward, I wish you the very best of luck, and I can’t wait to talk to you again.


Samuel Kennedy, Hero In Training

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