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Welcome to BuildingYouBetter.com, home of Heroes in Training. This isn’t just another fitness website, this is a headquarters for a movement of dedicated individuals. Whether you’re an advanced athlete, a longtime gym-rat, or a complete stranger to fitness, there is a place for you in this movement. Being a hero doesn’t require specialized qualifications. All it takes is a choice to do the right thing and a commitment to stand by that decision. A hero does everything he or she can to help others. Here at Building You Better.com, we realize that being fit and healthy allows us to do more, to live more, and to help more. By becoming a Hero in Training, you’re agreeing to try harder than other people, to go farther than you think you can, and to become the best you can be. Our goal is to live and train like heroes – every day. I believe you’re up to the challenge. Are you ready?


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So, who am i exactly?

I’m not a Mr. Universe, or a pro athlete with a big label and my own licensed merchandise. I wasn’t the star of the football team in high school. I was the skinny kid with poor vision and zero coordination, the last candidate for a hero. In many ways, I’m still the last candidate. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, it is to never stop trying. I want to be a hero, I want to be the best person I can possibly be, no matter how hard it is. And I want to help others learn to be heroes as well.

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So I keep going, every day. And along the way, I’ve learned something very important: everyone wants to be a hero. The trouble is, many people don’t think they can be. But I believe anyone can be a hero – and ordinary people can do extraordinary things. So I made a decision: if there is anything I can do to help someone else on their journey to becoming a hero, I will do it.

This commitment to building strong heroes - heroes who possess both inner and outer strength - is the goal of this website. With Building You Better.com, I take what I’ve learned through years of hard training and package it in bite-sized pieces to help every hero out there reach their full potential. My goal is to cut through all the things that make fitness so complicated and bring you the straight facts so you can learn and grow. I don’t claim to know everything. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and suffered some injuries in the process. My hope is that by sharing those lessons with you, I can keep you from making those same mistakes. I am constantly learning new things, and constantly improving. My fitness journey will never be over. But if, along the way, I can help you on your own fitness journey, then all my mistakes, all my struggles, and all my progress will be worth something.

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Like heroism, fitness is a lifestyle. It takes commitment, evidenced through small choices made every day. Over time, every choice we make builds who we are. There are times when we want to quit. Times when we look for an easier way to reach our destination. The truth is, fitness and heroism are both simple. But neither are easy. And the quickest way to get where we’re going is to keep moving forward. Don’t stop, and don’t fall for shortcuts. After all, the journey is as important as the destination. Living the fit lifestyle means you can be happy with what you see in the mirror, confident with how you look to others, and inspired to share your passion with others. Becoming fit won’t automatically make you a hero, but becoming fit will build patience, endurance, and discipline. And as you train your body and your mind, you will be able to look back at your fitness journey with a sense of accomplishment.